Friday, June 1, 2012

Arizona...C.B. and Olive Clawson reunion

From Utah the girls and I headed to AZ to meet Chas for the Clawson reunion in Safford. If you don't know where that is I wouldn't be too concerned. It was dry, dusty but downright fun. The Clawson's know how to throw a party and we had a great time seeing so much extended family.

Many years ago Olive and CB Clawson built a park on their own property to share with the community. It is beautiful and has every game you could imagine. Including Shuffleboard, croquet, and a whale pool. Many generations have fond memories in that pool and now Olive got to enjoy it as well.

After the reunion we visited some Walton family in Casa Grande. We were extremely well taken care of and fed. Our last day we went to the Biosphere 2 which is incredible, then got some authentic Mexican food at a little hole in the wall, Casa Rivieras...1975 American Hwy. oracle AZ. Don't want to forget that little gem... Yumsville!

The pictures are lacking here as well so I hope to make up for that on a late post as I gather some pics. time

The girls and I made some sudden travel changes and headed to Utah on may 24th for my Grandma June's funeral (more on that later). Here are the highlights, which is a total understatement because there are so many missing pictures. I was not as camera happy as I should have been.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Chas took me to see Feist tonight for our anniversary. It was a surprise and so amazing. Good job babe! Cheers to six years of wedded bliss :)

Olive and Zula played with cousin Daxton. From what I hear they ate well, and went to sleep like champs. Thanks Corbin and Alice for loving our babies so we could relax.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My sister in-law Alice and I ventured to the Baltimore aquarium. It was just a perfect day. Olive and Daxton love each other and this warms my heart immensely. The pictures are so bad. Nobody wanted to say cheese, the fish were too interesting and there were no naps to be had. They did great though and we will be heading back soon to foster some good old marine habitat love.

Zula was in the baby Bjorn the whole time. I didn't get any pics of her/us (Poor second has already begun.) She was equally enthralled with the fish, banged on the glass plenty and was nothing short of the best baby in the always.